(with Utsav/Kamal)

Nakhras, latkas and jhatkas, our Bollywood class has all of it. On some days, you could be doing a bolly-hop combo and on some, a high-energy bhangra routine! 


(Warning: This class usually ends with aching cheeks from all that smiling. 



(with Utsav)

Speed, control, style and groove are the main pillars of this class. You'll be working on hip hop foundations and musicality to fuse it all together to make new choreographies. 

(Prepare yourselves. You’ll be dancing in fast forward).


(with Kamal)

It’s groovy, power-packed and comes straight from the streets! Our hip hop classes focus on teaching the students the easiest dance techniques (which may not FEEL easy at first) and help them understand their potential and problem areas.


(with Siddharth)


The contemporary classes are divided into different sections, starting with a basic, full-body warm-up followed by balletic and floor workouts, passes and improvisations. The focus is maintained on understanding movement and flow of the body. Choreography is saved for the last quarter of the class. 


(Darlings, let it all flow: feelings, body, sweat)

(with Lady Lolita)


A culture from the streets of Jamaica, Dancehall is more than just learning steps. In class, you'll be learning the most authentic stuff - the origin, music and steps across old school, middle school and new school.

The class is open to all age groups and genders. 


(While the description sounds serious, her class is equal to a crazy party). 



(with Kamna)


This class' prime aim is to promote versatility amongst students. From semiclassical, to Indian Contemporary, to Bollywood; you'll get a taste of it all ! Keeping an open mind and the will to learn are the only prerequisites in this class!

(Think variety is the spice of life? It’s in abundance here). 


(with Anmol)


This dance-inspired fitness form (like a distant cousin of aerobics) is just the best to get rid of all your stress, torch the calories, and reach your goal body. 


If you find gyms/running and all that jazz boring, there's no better alternative than zumba.

(This one's a complete, one hour HIIT workout!)

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